Exhibition of Textile Art by Sue Cosham

sue cosham - textile art

The latest exhibition of art at Lowes Court Gallery features textile artist Sue Cosham. Sue’s unique style of “painting” with fabrics showcases her delicate talent of piecing together landscapes using colour and texture to create movement and depth in unexpected materials. “Living in a Material World” is an exhibition of framed fabric art on show at Lowes Court from 1-29 November reflecting local and imagined scenes in fabric.

Sue Cosham for Lowes Court Gallery

“I enjoy experimenting with textile materials to produce pictures,” said Sue.  “I use a mixture of collage appliqué, machine and hand-embroidery to build up depth and detail, sometimes cutting or burning through layers for effect.  My fabrics are all recycled and I am constantly looking for materials with interesting colours and texture.  I add beads, ribbons and trimmings if needed to complete the details as they can add texture and interest to parts of the work.”   When you see her work it cannot escape your notice that the Cumbrian countryside and the fells are Sue’s greatest inspiration.  The constant changes and their amazing colours and shapes are captured clearly in Sue’s unusual format.  Other works have included hedgerows, wild flower beds autumn leaves, driftwood, tree barks and even puddles.

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Members Wall – Lowes Court Gallery . 1 – 29 November

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