Digital Life – A Solo Exhibition From Vitaliv

Salon Contemporary is proud to present a solo exhibition from digital artist VitaliV from 2 June until 11 July 2010, entitled ‘Digital Life’.

The exhibition will showcase the Ukrainian-born artist’s (a.k.a. Vitali Vinogradov) latest body of work, which addresses his fascination with the microchip through a variety of technological media. Consisting of a range of light boxes, CNC laser-cut reliefs and aluminium and acrylic resins, the exhibition will culminate in an unravelling of some of the works in 3D.

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Classically trained as an artist at the St Petersburg Academy, Vitali has always been interested in the interplay between fragment and line. Going to great lengths in order to support his art throughout his life, he went as far as starting up a string of commercial endeavours over a period of almost twenty years.

Establishing everything from a TV channel to a fishing business, Vitali can now finally concentrate on indulging his lifelong passion.

Vitali is an unexpected choice for Samir Ceric, director of Salon Contemporary.

The gallery is known for its work with recent graduates but Ceric is confident Vitali will prove worthy of his backing.

He said: “I see great potential in Vitali’s work. There really is nothing else like it.”

There will be a selection of the artist’s Warhol-esque portraits on show, all lasercut in relief and then painstakingly hand-painted, which can take months to complete. These will include interpretations of iconic figures like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Various cityscapes and other abstract pieces will also be on show.

Of the new collection, VitaliV says: “I wanted to create sculpture like a composer and to spend more time on the creation than the realisation of the actual art work”.

With ever-increasing advances in the digital world, the artworks are
meticulously created with familiar patterns, acting as powerful reminders of the role of technology in the world today.

‘Digital Life’ coincides with the Russian, Eastern and Oriental Art Fair, held at the Park Lane Hotel from 9th – 12th June, which will also showcase a selection of VitaliV’s pieces.

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