Water Art Exhibition in Lanzarote

water exhibition - lanzarote

The combination of warmth and rustic colours transformed the evening of the Water Exhibition by Betty Rawson and Richard Ellis. The exhibition was titled water and shared the beauty of the aspects involved with the beauty of water.

The Display of Imagination

Betty displayed her art photography which transcended your imagination to an enjoyable time of colour and happiness.

With Richard, the artist utilises the waste found in your every day environment. They made with cans that have been left in a car park near to the coast or even on the seashore. These waste products are taken by the artist and an intriguing art piece is made from this.

The exhibition was warm and fulfilling.

For those living in Lanzarote, the venue chosen to display this ‘fitting’ art was the Gran Casino.

Well worth the visit

About the Artists

Betty Rawson was born in the North of England and came to live in Lanzarote in 2002. Initially worked as Head of the Art Department at an English school in Puerto Del Carmen, she made the move to photography with the course of time, as well as publishing her own book of recent.

“I believe in a beauty that exists beyond what we normally comprehend; a beauty that we are too busy to see. Taking a subject that is almost every day and looking again, from a different perspective, slowing down the thought process and seeing the subject as if for the first time … this is what interests me” ..  Betty Rawson

Richard Ellis was educated in the UK and has a Fine Art Degree for those endeavours. Over the years Richard has been involved with a few exhibitions on the island:

2011 Fish and Ships   ..  Yaiza, Casa de la Cultura
2012 Perptuarte          .. Touring Expo, Lanzarote
2013 Cabras                 .. Group Exhibition, Playa Blanca
2014 Noss Amigos      .. Yaiza, Casa de la Cultura

Attracted to the beauty of both natural and manmade discard, the artist uses materials such as plastic and glass, to the natural flora and fauna available, which he discovers on walks on the island.

“Remade from Degrade'” .. Richard Ellis

Author: Gavin Doyle

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