Slovakia Art Opportunity

Art Residency Opportunity

Art Residency Opportunity

In the frame of European Capital of Culture the NGO Košice 2013 is running an international Artist-in-Residence-program for emerging artists from all over the world and out of all artistic disciplines and expressions. We give our residents the possibility to become a cultural pioneer and work in the inspire environment of Košice`s singular cultural surrounding to realize art projects, collaborate with the agile local art scene and present themselves to the local and national public.

We pursuit three main goals within this residency-project:

1. Support the creative energy of every invited artist and give him/her the chance to work in a new and very special environment to find (new) artistic ways to express.

2. Stimulate the art scene in Košice, in the region and in whole Slowakia. Support the dialogue as well as the confrontation of the residency-artists with local artists and the wide public.

3. Create/strengthen a beneficial environment for the development of innovative and international contemporary art projects with international and local participants.

According to our main goals, our team will introduce every artist in the social environment of the city and the region and help them to build up networks and collaborations with local artists. We will organise public events like lectures, projections, workshops, open studios to give every artist the chance to introduce and present themselves to a wide public. A final exhibition will show the working process during the stay of each artist.

Download pdf document from Košice Artist in Residency Opencall / Košice 2013

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