Infinite Strokes – Chinese Ink Painting

Chinese Arts Centre pays tribute to two artists, Mary Tang and Cathy Wu, who have shown commitment to the Centre over the last 20 years. Both artists have worked as workshop leaders for the Centre but are also accomplished ink brush painting and calligraphy artists in their own right.

Cathy Yat Ming Ho (Wu)’s family was originally from Zhejiang Hanzhou in China. She was born in Sichuan, Chengdu, and she moved to Hong Kong in 1949.

Cathy Wu studied Chinese calligraphy under the late Master Lin Chien Shi in 1964 in Hong Kong. In 1972, she moved to England where she has given talks and workshops in galleries, museums, schools and colleges. She has exhibited her work in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Wirral. In 2007, she was commissioned to write ‘The Chinese Calligraphy Sourcebook’ which was published by Apple Press in Britain; ‘The Chinese Calligraphy Bible’ published by Barrons in the US, and by Simon and Schuster in Australia.

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Mary Tang (Chinese name Xue Yin Tang) was born in Shanghai and raised in China. She was taught calligraphy by her mother, Liang Wei Yan, a noted Chinese calligrapher.

Whilst studying at the Teacher Training College in Shanghai, Mary was taught Chinese painting by the artist, Lu Shi Hao, who in turn was a student of the renowned Chen Shifa. After qualifying from college, Mary spent twenty-five years teaching in a variety of schools around Shanghai. Mary moved to the UK in 1987, since then, she has taught many of the traditional skills of China, including painting, paper cutting, calligraphy, as well as mask and lantern making and crafts in schools, colleges and universities.

This summer exhibition profiles their work and celebrates this unique traditional Chinese art form, which is technically demanding requiring great skill, concentration and years of training.

During the exhibition period Chinese Arts Centre will be organising workshops and demonstrations. Family workshops will take place on 28 August and 4 September 2010. Brush painting for adults will be 28 August and calligraphy will be on 4 September 2010.

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