The Artist Lachlan Matthews

Bone Spider

Bone Spider

Lachlan Matthews works in oils, ceramics, bone, wood, metal, cement, resins and other media. Art is fantastical to me, an imperfect way of communication. Somehow real, a view of the matrix of life, but maybe only in your head – one of the mental mutants that make us human.

Bones have always fascinated me. The skeleton is natures architecture of a living being and in the same way that one gets bad architecture and good so I see bones as being the best, not only are they 100% efficient but at the same time they have a wonderful elegance and simplicity. Whether finding bones washed up on the beach or in the veld I have always viewed them with a reverence, as the more durable part of a life. These bones are a slightly sad reminder, a kind of epitaph of a once living being with its own function and individuality. This would be a melancholy thought were it not that death is a moment in life, a moment not to be welcomed, but nor is it to be feared. The longer that life is remembered or seen to have once existed the more valuable it becomes to the living. To me bones are the reminder of a once special existence. A form designed by the creator, time and nature into wonderful curves, lengths and hollows, which themselves represent strength, grace and movement. My designs are a continuation of these ideas. I extend the elegance and simplicity of natures design into my works. All my bones are obtained only from animals that have died from natural causes and I donate 10% to the Mammal Research Institute.

Lachlan Matthews is self taught and exhibits in and around Cape Town. Lachlan’s work can be seen on


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