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International digital arts festival, North East of North, NEoN, announces the first ever solo UK exhibition by critically-acclaimed Japanese artist Akinori Oishi.

Digital arts festival, North East of North, NEoN, announces the first ever solo UK exhibition by critically-acclaimed Japanese artist Akinori Oishi. Oishi’s exhibition will showcase his talents for graphic art through multimedia by focusing upon and interpreting the theme of this year’s NEoN, ‘character’.

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Chair of the NEoN organising group and Cultural Projects officer for the University of Abertay, Donna Holford-Lovell welcomes the forthcoming exhibition by award-winning artist Akinori Oishi.

“I met Akinori in New York at the Pictoplasma Contemporary Character Festival 2008. I was so inspired by his passion and commitment that I have been waiting for the ideal opportunity to commission new work by Akinori and to have him speak in the UK. NEoN has provided that opportunity and it is an honour to finally work with him,” said Holford-Lovell.

The exhibition promises to give audiences an insight into Oishi’s interpretation of the concept of ‘Character’ through his use of drawing and typographic language. His stylistic approach expresses an infinity as the self-confessed ‘Drawaholic’ immerses himself in a landscape of images without boundaries; it is this interpretation which is sure to inspire the audience. The realization of the highly anticipated Oishi exhibition by NEoN has been financially supported by The Japan Foundation ( to promote the creative industries within Japan.

Akinori Oishi is thrilled to have the opportunity of exhibiting his work at this year’s NEoN festival (embed NEoN link) taking place in Dundee 8-14 November, 2010. He stated,

“I’m excited to experience how the art scene is in the UK and how British people are thinking about digital media at the NEoN festival. The most interesting thing about participating in a festival is communicating with friendly people and native audiences.”

Oishi began his career by studying Fine Arts at the Kyoto City University of Art before honing his drawing skills and developing the interactive nature of his graphic art through multimedia at the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, IAMAS, Japan. Oishi has since received international critical acclaim for his work including the MILIA, International Multimedia Fair award in France in 2001, working with French creative design studio Team cHmAn, and subsequent invitations to teach and guest-lecture at the Tama Art University in Tokyo and the Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, ECAL in Switzerland respectively. Particularly relevant to this year’s NEoN festival, is Oishi’s previous collaboration with Pictoplasma, a relationship which produced creative and interactive art installations which pushed the dimensional boundaries of what is considered virtual and ‘real’ imagery.

The exhibition by Akinori Oishi is set to be one of the highlights of the digital arts festival NEoN which will showcase both international and local artists and the manner in which they choose to interpret this year’s theme through various media.

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